Meet the doctors

Dr. Sachi Fujita

Dr. Sachi Anne Fujita was born in West Los Angeles, and grew up in New Hampshire.  She received her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California-Berkeley, and graduated from dental school at the University of California San Francisco.

Dr. Fujita loves art and painting, and grew up in a family of artists.  In addition, her grandfather was a dentist in Kyoto, Japan.

She loves dentistry because it allows her to contribute to people’s lives in a positive way.  She also appreciates the creative and artistic aspects of dentistry.

Dr. Fujita is deeply committed to challenging herself to excel professionally and personally.  “I am motivated by the constant changes and improvements that happen in dentistry and I enjoy the constant learning and challenge that it provides,” she says.

“I am thankful for the trust my patients put in me and my team.  I am grateful for the wonderful people with whom I am surrounded that makes my work my second home.”

In her leisure time, Dr. Fujita enjoys painting, drawing, cooking, snorkeling and caring for her dogs.


Dr. Sho Izumi

Dr. Sho Izumi earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California Los Angeles, and graduated from dental school at Loma Linda University.

She is a member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association and Harbor Dental Society.

Dr. Izumi is very dedicated to dentistry because she knows first-hand the difference that professional dental care can make. “Growing up, I was not confident or happy with my smile,” she says.  “Crooked teeth, an open bite, a lower jaw that was poorly positioned — these were just some of the issues I had.  However, with the help of a team of dentists and the support of my parents, I eventually saw an amazing transformation!  I could not be happier with my smile now.”

Dr. Izumi strives each day to give her patients the good experience she had and wants to help them achieve their goals.

In her spare time, Dr. Izumi enjoys arts and crafts, baking and cooking. She loves exploring new restaurants and matcha cafes. She also loves the beautiful California beaches.