Temporary Crowns

You have just received a temporary crown.   Modern crowns are very conservative in nature and is much healthier for the tooth.  The drawback is that your temporary crown is much smaller and has a higher likelihood of coming off.  Please follow these instructions to have the best experience during your treatment.


Do not eat for 30 minutes after your temporary has been cemented.

NO hard, chewy or sticky foods on the same side as the temporary! Avoid: gum, caramels, carrots, apples, gummy bears, jolly ranchers, etc. If you have the temporary in the front, do not bite into any foods.  Cut your food and chew with your back teeth.

Brushing and Flossing:

Brush area well and keep the tooth as clean as normal.  Plaque around the tooth will cause bleeding and make cementing your crown more difficult.  Rinse with warm, salt water if your gums are sore.

Do not floss.  Many times, temporaries are locked in to prevent dislodgement and you may not be able to place floss between your temporary and the adjacent tooth.

If your temporary crown comes off:

CALL US IMMEDIATELY!!! (310-530-9893). Although the tooth may feel “okay”, the tooth can shift (move) resulting in difficulty in cementing the crown.  Do NOT re-cement your temporary crown with Super Glue!


You may experience some discomfort after the anesthetic wears off.  Any over-the-counter pain medication you take for minor aches and pains should help alleviate the pain.  Your tooth may also feel sensitive to hot or cold until we get your permanent crown cemented in place.  After a few days, if the discomfort is persistent or significant, call the office for further instruction.

Bite feels off:

If your bite feels ‘off’ or ‘not even’ – call us so we can make an appointment to adjust your bite. Biting too hard on this tooth can cause the tooth to ache. Please don’t feel that you can ‘just get used to it’!