How Does Invisalign Correct An Overbite?

How Does Invisalign Correct An Overbite?


If you've done any online research about Invisalign, you've probably seen people mention that aligners can’t fix an overbite. Or, maybe you had an Invisalign consultation with a dentist in the past and were advised that it wasn't a good fit for you due to your overbite. While Invisalign can correct overbites, the assumption that it can't isn't entirely incorrect. Invisalign was originally designed to treat minor dental alignment concerns, but since then, advances in its technology and materials mean these aligners can treat a wide range of orthodontic issues, including overbites. 

Understanding Overbites

Overbites are one of the most common bite problems. They can be caused by thumb sucking and prolonged pacifier use in childhood, tongue thrust, or simply genetics. If you're not sure if you have an overbite, bite down and look at your side profile in the mirror. If your upper teeth protrude far over your lower teeth, or even over your bottom lip, you have an overbite. (Of course, having some degree of overbite is normal—your top teeth should fit just over your bottom teeth, otherwise you have an underbite, which is also something that needs correction.)

Overbites can wear down your teeth and leave them vulnerable to fracture and other dental issues. In addition, overbites may cause jaw pain or TMJ disorder in some cases. When you correct an overbite, your oral health will improve, and your facial profile will change for the better as well. You'll be surprised by how much of a difference Invisalign can make in your overall appearance simply by correcting your overbite.

Correcting Overbite With Invisalign

You might be wondering how Invisalign aligners can correct an overbite given their design. It's easy to see how they straighten teeth by shifting them into new positions, but how can they improve your bite like other orthodontic appliances?

The answer is that they use elastics to correct overbites—just like traditional braces! These elastics work by connecting your top and bottom aligners to move your bottom teeth forward while pushing your top teeth back. The elastics will be attached to “buttons” that are integrated into your aligners.

Can All Overbites Be Treated With Invisalign?

An overbite can almost always be corrected with Invisalign aligners these days. In fact, overbites can often be treated just as effectively as with traditional braces thanks to technological advances in Invisalign design and the ability to attach rubber bands.

Invisalign isn't always the best treatment option for some patients if they have a severe overbite or other complicated orthodontic issues. If we believe your overbite isn’t a good fit for Invisalign treatment, we will refer you to a qualified orthodontist who can improve your bite using braces or another orthodontic treatment option.

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