How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Torrance, CA?

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Torrance, CA?


Invisalign has quickly become the most popular orthodontic alternative to traditional metal braces. Unlike ceramic braces or lingual braces, Invisalign uses a completely different model for moving teeth, with comfortable, clear plastic aligners replacing the conventional wires and brackets. If you’re considering Invisalign, you may have some concerns about cost. We’ll go into detail about what you can expect in the blog post below.

What does Invisalign cost in Torrance, CA?

The cost of Invisalign starts at $3000 and can go up to $7000. Why such a large range? It’s because the price varies depending on the number of aligners you need and the duration of your treatment. If your teeth need significant correction, you can expect to pay more than if your teeth have only minor misalignments.

Is Invisalign cheaper than braces?

Invisalign is less expensive than ceramic braces (also known as clear braces) and lingual braces. When compared to traditional metal braces, the cost of Invisalign is either comparable or slightly more, depending on your orthodontic case. There are times when Invisalign even ends up costing less than metal braces!

How much does Invisalign cost with insurance?

The cost of Invisalign with dental insurance depends on your plan. First, it’s important to note that adult orthodontic treatment is not often covered by dental insurance. If you’re a teen or you’re lucky enough to have a plan that does cover adult orthodontics, Invisalign is often covered up to the cost that would be covered for traditional metal braces. Your insurance may pay up to $3500 towards your treatment costs.

Is Invisalign worth getting?

Yes, absolutely! Our patients are thrilled with the results of their Invisalign treatment. But results aren’t everything—it’s also important to choose an orthodontic treatment option that you’re pleased with during treatment as well. If you’d feel self-conscious and uncomfortable with metal braces, do you want to experience two or more years of that? Invisalign is comfortable and discreet, which means your treatment won’t feel like an inconvenience.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Invisalign?

While inexpensive mail order options exist, they simply don’t compare to Invisalign. It’s important to be seeing a dentist in person for your treatment. We carefully plan and monitor your orthodontic treatment to ensure that your teeth are shifting as expected; sometimes we might ask you to wear one set of aligners longer or switch to a new set sooner. That kind of individualized attention is critical when it comes to something as important as your smile!

How can I pay for Invisalign?

If you can’t afford to pay for your Invisalign treatment upfront, there are a few options available in addition to dental insurance. If you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you can use those funds towards Invisalign. You may also be eligible to finance your Invisalign treatment with low interest and low monthly payments to make treatment more affordable.

Learn More About the Cost of Invisalign

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