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Invisalign is an advanced orthodontic system that uses a series of clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth instead of the traditional metal brackets and wires. Your aligners are created by our team specifically for you; most patients need between 20 and 30 sets of aligners and nine to 18 months of treatment. We provide a complimentary consultation for all prospective Invisalign patients, which includes a 3D rendering of your smile after treatment and a projected timeline.

Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, so your friends, classmates, and coworkers won’t even know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. Unlike braces, Invisalign is comfortable and convenient. Because you can remove your aligners, you can continue eating all of your favorite foods and keep your regular brushing and flossing routine.

Every two weeks, you’ll move to the next set of aligners in your treatment plan and your teeth will gradually and gently shift into place. Once treatment is complete, you’ll have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted without the hassle of traditional metal braces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

How much does it cost for Invisalign?

The cost of Invisalign depends on the number of aligners you need. Most patients have treatment costs anywhere between $4000 and $7000. The good news is that if you have dental insurance and it covers the costs of orthodontic treatment, it is likely to cover at least some of the cost of Invisalign.

How long does it take to straighten your teeth with Invisalign?

This, too, depends on the number of aligners needed. Most patients have treatment times between nine and 18 months, but if you take your aligners out often and leave them out for hours at a time, you can expect that your treatment time will be longer.

Which is better, braces or Invisalign?

Both are effective treatment options for orthodontic issues, so it comes down to your personal preferences. Most patients prefer Invisalign because it is discreet, comfortable, and convenient. If you are paying for orthodontic treatment out-of-pocket and if you don’t mind the look of metal braces, you might decide that braces are a better choice for you. There are orthodontic issues that are better addressed with braces than with Invisalign. If this is the case for you, we will let you know during your consultation and provide you with a referral for an orthodontist.

What happens if you don’t wear Invisalign for a day?

If you don’t wear them for a single day, the worst that will happen is your aligners will feel a bit tight and uncomfortable when you put them back on. That said, if you make it a habit to take your aligners out, your treatment time will be longer. Invisalign only works when you wear your aligners!

Do I have to wear Invisalign forever?

After your Invisalign treatment is complete, you will receive a few sets of retainers to help you maintain your beautiful new smile. Initially, you’ll wear these all day, just like you did with your aligners. Then, you’ll switch to nighttime wear only for a year. After this, wearing your retainers three to five nights a week may be sufficient to keep your teeth straight.

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